Take the present, and don’t ask why

I thought about it, but I still shocked when she said so.(女中豪傑…) You two people are so .. Well, maybe this is the common thing will happen in your crazy group =_=”’
And I REALLY curious that how she keep herself in such a good status. She looks so yong and … happy. Even though I can feel the tension btw us. Am I right to say that? I don’t know why she feels that way, I respect her, because of the age (邪惡的笑聲…). But I really do!
She makes me remember 2 ladys (same as eated…haha) I knew, they are quit "mature", but they still look yonger than almost 20 years before. That’s amazing! And I am super jealous!!!
BTW, the title is nothing related to this "article"

Which would be worse?To live as a monster…or to die as a good man???

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